• Your community can supplement some of its electricity supply with solar electricity.
  • Solar electricity prices will be as much as 45% below typical 'pay on time' discounted prices.
  • LPE provide a total solar solution with an Australian customer service team.
  • There is no cost to the Body Corporate or to the residents for the solar equipment, its installation or its maintenance.
  • Low electricity rates will free up cash flow for other projects. This rate is locked in for 10 years, future-proofing your community.

How it Works

LPE will install a solar power system of between 5kWp up to 15kWp to your community at no cost to the Body Corporate, enabling access to cheaper electricity otherwise not obtainable through an electricity supplier. The solar electricity generated will then directly supply the common area at the low rate of 12c/kWh and any occupant who elects to utilise it will also receive the same low rate.

The supply term is for a portion of the equipment's life cycle being 10-years. At the end of the period the Body Corporate may purchase the system for $1.00 or elect to have it removed at no cost. When battery technology becomes financially viable, the community could also elect to take advantage of this and become more self-sufficient with the introduction of Battery Storage.

Next Steps

The process to begin saving money and securing your community's future is simple:

  • Contact LPE today for a consultant to evaluate your community's viability
  • LPE will provide a proposal and agreements for the committee to review
  • Call an EGM


How does LPE determine the size of the solar system?

The solar system installed will be based on the amount of electricity the common area consumes daily which we model against market data on typical consumption time; and

We aim to install 1kWp per residential lot that elects to receive the solar electricity.

The system size will be no less than 5kWp and no greater than 15kWp per common are meter.

What happens to the access electricity generated?

All access electricity generated and exported to the market will be owned by LPE. When the cost of battery technology becomes commercial, the body corporate could take advantage of battery storage for the exported electricity and become even more self-sufficient.