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New Developments

Solutions for new developments.

At LPE we have everything your development needs to save money and become more sustainable.

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Queensland’s leading energy provider for new developments

At LPE, we provide developers with solutions for all new buildings’ energy needs, unlocking innovative energy technologies and making the new development cutting-edge.

We provide end-to-end solutions for a new development’s energy needs, from designing a comprehensive energy infrastructure plan to managing the complete installation and commissioning process. Our embedded networks, centralised hot water systems, solar PV, and EV chargingprovide state-of-the-art tailored solutions that will set community energy requirements up well into the future.

Our services for new developments

Embedded electricity networks

Embedded networks are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, allowing strata communities to access emerging smart technologies and sustainable energy solutions.

Solar for new developments

Scaling up renewable energy is key to reaching our sustainability goals, and behind-the-meter solar is an ideal solution for new developments. Through our bespoke solar packages, developments can enjoy the benefits of solar electricity savings for the years to come, a great ongoing legacy—without the upfront costs.

EV Charging for new developments

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and many new developments are now choosing to install EV charging infrastructure. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions for installing, managing and maintaining EV chargers for new developments.

Centralised Hot Water

Hot water can be one of the biggest contributors to a property’s energy usage. Through having a centralised hot water system, you can help reduce energy usage and improve sustainability with one of our solar offset solutions. If space is an issue, we can provide a natural gas solution to meet the development requirements.

Why choose LPE for new developments

LPE has decades of experience internally and draws on the extensive network of partners who are industry leaders in providing technical expertise on all our projects. The combined experience when designing each unique solution for our customers ensures that all utility infrastructure delivered by LPE meets both local and legislative requirements and is tailored specifically to suit your complex needs.

At LPE, we strive for perfection when providing utility solutions for new developments- ensuring that all clients receive a quality service backed up by great customer care and support every step of the way.

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New Developments Proposal Request

Thank you for the opportunity to provide a proposal for your new development project. LPE stands at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions for embedded electricity networks, hot water services, behind-the-meter renewable energy generation, and EV charging for both new and existing developments.

With our proven expertise, we specialise in providing customised energy solutions that promote sustainable communities for a better future. To receive a tailored proposal for your new development project, please fill out the form, and we will respond within 10 business days.

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