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EV Charging

EV charging stations are 
suitable for:

Residential and commercial communities

Existing buildings and apartments

New developments

Community EV Charging Stations.

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations for communities

We help communities, apartments and new developments step into the future with electric vehicle charging stations.

How EV charger’s work

EV charging is the process of connecting an electric car to an external power source to charge its battery. This allows users to “refuel” their vehicles using electricity, eliminating the need for petrol or diesel fuel. EV chargers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including wall-mounted and portable models, with different types suitable for different charging needs.

The benefits of installing EV charging points include:

  • Helping reduce emissions by encouraging residents to make the switch to greener alternatives by investing in infrastructure such as EV chargers and strata communities.
  • Attracting potential buyers/renters who are looking for green options when it comes to transportation.

Why choose LPE as EV charging installers and manager

  • We have successfully installed EV chargers across Queensland and can provide access to options all over South East Queensland.
  • We’re agnostic about the suppliers we use. We provide solutions that are the best fit for our customers.
  • We offer the option of a funded model in communities.

We offer residents sustainable options

EV charging services offer strata communities cost-effective options for accessing green energy while still supporting sustainability initiatives. By investing in these technologies, strata communities can enjoy the convenience of charging their electric vehicles at home and contributing to the environmental benefits of reducing their carbon emissions.

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Our process

The process for getting EV chargers set up in a residential development can vary depending on the location’s specific needs. Generally, the first step is to determine the type of charger needed and the best way to install it. This may involve consulting with network providers to meet all necessary requirements.

We are responsible for installing and maintaining the EV charging station, billing and customer support.

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