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Solar and Battery

Enabling strata communities to contribute to a greener future while generating and using their own energy through behind-the-meter solar.

Solar embedded networks are suitable for:

Residential and commercial communities

Existing buildings and apartments

New developments

Solar for embedded networks.

Why more Communities are choosing Shared Solar

Solar for embedded networks is made up of a solar system and the necessary metering infrastructure. This will provide the building with solar electricity to meet the common area and residents’ daytime usage. Solar also gives strata communities the opportunity to reduce common area electricity costs.

Why choose LPE as Solar Network Partners

At LPE, we are one of Queensland’s most experienced solar providers.
We work with the body corporate to design a system that generates enough solar electricity to support the property’s daytime electricity usage. We look at the electricity profile and size the system to match. We only use CEC-accredited solar installers, personally selected professionals and tier-1 suppliers.

We provide Residents with Greener Energy Solutions

At LPE, our mission is to provide sustainable energy solutions for communities, to minimise environmental impacts. Solar-embedded networks help contribute to a greener future by generating renewable energy that is used onsite. Solar-embedded networks also reduce their grid consumption, which makes a valuable contribution to reducing emissions and fighting climate change.

Our Process

At LPE, we work with you from the planning stages of your development to ensure your solution is fit for purpose. We are responsible for the shared solar system’s supply, installation and maintenance.

We supply, install and maintain the entire solar PV system at no upfront cost for your body corporate, owners or occupiers. We recover our costs by selling electricity to customers through a long-term supply contract.

After installation is complete, the sun’s energy converts to electricity through the rooftop solar panels and inverter like any other solar system. The solar electricity is then distributed throughout the embedded network and consumed behind the meter. LPE then combines the solar and traditional electricity consumed into a single, easy-to-understand bill for each resident and body corporate common area.

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