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Centralised Hot Water

Future-proof your next development.

Find out how you can future-proof your next development with an LPE centralised hot water solution. Our strata team and hot water specialists are available to discuss how we can tailor our solution to suit your next project.

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Hot water for your strata community.

From design to installation, we provide strata communities with efficient, fully funded and managed centralised hot water solutions.

We are the hot water experts – whether working with a developer and engineers to design and install a hot water plant for their next project or working with an existing community to upgrade and replace their existing hot water system, LPE has the expertise and capability to meet your needs.

New buildings – Why LPE for centralised hot water?

Fully Funded by LPE

LPE fully funds the design, supply and installation of the centralised hot water and metering systems, so you can save on project costs.

Save on Space, Equipment & Costs

An efficient, well designed and fully funded centralised hot water solution removes the need for inefficient individual hot water tanks or three-phase instantaneous units, along with the requirement for costly three-phase electrical networking, metering and infrastructure throughout the whole building, meaning you not only save on the cost of buying and installing each individual system but also get the advantage of maximising floor space for the buyer/tenant and provide a fully managed low-cost outcome for the community.

Solar Off-Set Electric Centralised Hot Water

As part of Australia’s movement towards electrifying our buildings and moving away from fossil fuels (e.g. gas), LPE can offer our solar off-set centralised hot water solution, which uses onsite solar-generated electricity to off-set the energy consumption of an energy-efficient electric heat pump, or electric storage centralised hot water system. All are fully designed and funded by LPE.

The result? A reliable, environmentally friendly hot water solution that provides constant low-cost hot water that reduces the community’s carbon footprint and emissions and future proofs and protects against rising energy prices.

Quality guarantee

All of LPE’s centralised hot water solutions are guaranteed and fully maintained for the contract term at no cost to the owner or occupant.

Why choose LPE

Existing strata retrofit

As an experienced leader in the design, installation and ongoing management of centralised hot water solutions for residential buildings, LPE can provide your community with reliable, efficient, low-cost hot water to meet your current and future needs.

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Tailored solutions from the design to installation

Whether your community requires a more efficient replacement hot water system or you’re not sure if you are receiving the best service or rates from your existing provider, LPE’s hot water and strata specialists will work with your community to provide the best outcome.

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