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Embedded Networks

Discover the potential of embedded networks for your strata community.

The experts in embedded electricity networks.

At LPE, we’re committed to treating each community we serve individually by delivering two comprehensive outcomes, one that removes all the obligations from owners and their committees and two by offering a billing utility service solution.

As the electricity retailer for each embedded network we serve, we provide your community with transparency, full consumer protections, responsibility for all debt while delivering competitive pricing.

If you are an active committee, prepared to own the decision-making process, you will set the schemes utility prices, meet all regulatory obligations, take responsibility for aged debt passed 120 days and pay the monthly parent meter account(s). As your billing utility provider, LPE will act as the administrator for your utilities, administering the service from meter read to bill issuance.

Embedded networks provide communities with better energy solutions

Embedded networks are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, providing a way for strata communities to access emerging smart technologies and sustainable energy solutions.

Who embedded networks are suitable for.

Our embedded networks are designed to meet the needs of both small and large communities, including:

  • Residential and commercial communities
  • Existing buildings and apartments
  • New developments

Taking advantage of the aggregation of network charges and introducing renewable energy provides the opportunity to reduce electricity bills.

We understand that every community has unique requirements when it comes to its energy needs which is why we offer customised solutions tailored specifically to each customer’s needs.

Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you throughout the process of setting up an embedded network—from selecting equipment and materials best suited for your environment through to installation and ongoing management and maintenance services—so you can be sure that you’re getting a solution that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Big Energy for

Big Communities

Why choose LPE

Reliability and flexibility

With our full electricity retailer solution, we are responsible for being the embedded electricity retailer and all the obligations associated with being an authorised electricity provider. When it comes to setting up a new embedded electricity network, we take care of the entire process, dealing with all stakeholders, including governing bodies, metering infrastructure, and onboarding all customer points.

If you are an active committee, prepared to own the decision-making process, setting the schemes utility prices, meeting all regulatory obligations, taking responsibility for aged debt and paying the monthly parent meter account(s) then we can offer you our billing utility solution. LPE will act as the administrator for your utilities, administering the service from meter read to bill issuance.

Environmental sustainability

Embedded networks allow strata communities to produce renewable energy onsite via a solar system, reducing their reliance on the grid and carbon-intense energy sources, helping to contribute towards a more sustainable energy future.

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Our process

With LPE as your electricity retailer for your embedded electricity network, nothing changes from the traditional supply model; your community still enjoys the same payment options, consumer rights, and energy and water ombudsman access.

We offer energy solutions tailored to suit the unique needs of each community to ensure they obtain the most value from their embedded electricity network.

We pride ourselves on offering superior service removing the risk from owners, which is why so many communities have chosen us as their preferred embedded electricity retailer.

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LPE’s combined experience of delivering and managing embedded electricity networks, centralised hot water solutions, solar and battery systems, and electric vehicle charging makes LPE a leading expert in providing bespoke energy solutions to strata living.

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Frequently asked questions.

All you need to know.

How do embedded electricity networks work?

An embedded network is a private electricity distribution system where the energy supplier (LPE) provides electricity via one meter connected to the electricity grid rather than multiple individual meters being individually connected to the grid. Occupants still only pay for their own usage via their own electricity meter. The potential reduction in network charges can provide the opportunity for cost savings to both the body corporate and account holders.

Do embedded energy networks get individual meters?

Each property within an embedded network has its own meters, ensuring that occupants only pay for the electricity they use.

What is the difference between LPE being our communities electricity retailer and billing utility service provider?

The experience of LPEs authorised electricity retailer solution managing your embedded electricity network comes with full transparency on the cost of wholesale energy with no customer debt risk for the committee and full consumer protections, payment plans and hardship programs ensuring your community is not disadvantaged.

LPE’s billing utility service solution sees the committee taking on an increased level of responsibility with us acting as administrator for your utilities, administering the service from meter read to bill issuance.

Our collections process on behalf of the committee provides a 14-stage process up to disconnection or closed account, but ultimately the committee is responsible for any unpaid accounts that we have been unable to recover.

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