Embedded network solutions for strata communities.

Saving the most amount of money for the most amount of people.

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Locality Planning Energy (LPE) is an alternative, all-Australian energy retailer.  We exist for one purpose only. To create fairer energy prices for people that live in strata communities across Australia.  We started as an idea, that quickly turned into an ideal, that quickly turned into something real.  A real alternative to the big energy retailers. With us what you see is what you get.  We may be small, but that is exactly what keeps us focused, and allows us the capacity and capability to know your market inside-out.   We are people too. We look out for you and will always level with you, because that’s how we like to operate.  Here at LPE we pride ourselves on being fair, transparent and trustworthy. We are registered with the Australian Energy Regulator and Energy Ombudsman — so everything with us is completely above-board and risk-free.

We exist to make your life easier, and are specialists in finding the right energy fit for your strata communities.  We efficiently reduce network charges for thousands of customers across the country everyday.   LPE recognises that no two communities are the same  therefore flex and shift our services to fit inline with our customers.  It's this kind of attention to detail that you can rely on, and quite frankly, you should expect from an authorised energy retailer.


We sell energy exclusively to strata communities, partnering with them to provide the right services to reduce network charges while extending consumer protection to all of our account holders and taking the risk on for body corporate.   We can do this by changing how energy reaches your home.  Instead of coming straight to you, it goes through an embedded network.  LPE supply electricity to strata communities through a parent meter with no upfront costs.  Any medium to high-density community or building with multiple electricity connections can benefit from switching to an LPE embedded network. It is the only real way for a community to make significant savings on the cost of the supply and volume charges for residential electricity.

The benefit of an embedded network is that you share the network charges with your fellow community members, instead of taking on those charges yourself.  It can save strata communities money on their energy bills.  We guarantee we will save you money and provide you the best and fairest deal.  We are an Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code: LPE) listed company that is passionate about delivering the most amount of savings to the most amount of people, whilst always maintaining the highest level of consumer protection.  Take advantage of this increasingly popular network solution and get in touch with LPE today!