Free Solar for Strata Communities


People who own units in smaller buildings have, until now, been excluded from the benefits that come with renewable energy. The upfront costs associated with implementing a solar system, even if these are amortised into end consumer charges, are simply too high for most Body Corporates to even consider. LPE has long been aware of this disadvantage and is now offering a solution.

We are offering free solar systems to strata communities with 6 lots and above. The unique solar solution can affect savings of up to 45% for business rates and 35% for residential rates with no upfront costs to the Body Corporate or the owners. The solar equipment and any ongoing maintenance are paid for by LPE.

The solar electricity generated can then be directly supplied to the common area and any occupant who elects to utilise it. This becomes an asset to the community as their building becomes more attractive to potential buyers and tenants who are incentivised by low-cost, sustainable electricity.

When battery technology becomes financially viable, the community will be ready to take advantage of this and increase their self-sustainability. As the cost of living rises and energy sustainability gains momentum, it is important for Body Corporates to look ahead and future-proof their communities.

The most cost-effective and beneficial electricity solution for your community depends on a number of factors including the size of your building and the current infrastructure. To ensure that you are not paying more than you should for electricity, give one of LPE’s strata electricity experts a call for a complimentary consultation.