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The Queensland Government has implemented the Australian Energy Market Commission Power of Choice reforms and rules. The Power of Choice legislation has resulted in a new role in the National Electricity Market being the Embedded Network Manager (ENM.)

Power of Choice enables tenants or lots in an embedded network to establish a child National Meter Identification number (NMI) behind the parent (market facing) NMI to give them the opportunity to engage a supplier of choice. As a body corporate manager, you will need to appoint an ENM who is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of static data for a site where an occupant has elected to leave the embedded network. This child NMI is separate from the embedded network and is billed individually by the new contracted supplier of choice.

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Although LPE is explicitly not providing legal advice, please consider the following links to guidance from some leading legal firms. If unsure of your own legal position and exposure to this impending regulatory change, please consult your legal representative.

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