Will I have to pay for the installation of solar at my building?

No. There is no cost to tenants or owners for the solar system, its installation, or its maintenance.

What are the benefits of me signing up with LPE?

  • You will be able to utilise the solar electricity generated at your building at a cost 30%-40% below a typical market offer.
  • When not utilising the solar electricity, you will be on LPE's lowest rate of 18.70c/kWh.
  • LPE have a QLD-based call-centre so that if you need to reach us you can do so easily.

Will I be tied into a contract?

No. Like with any other electricity supplier, you are free to change suppliers and are not tied into a contract with LPE.

Please note that access to the solar electricity will require your having an account with LPE.

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Energy and Utility Supply Agreement (ESA)

This ESA authorises Locality Planning Energy (LPE) to manage the supply of your electricity and/or utilities. For any help completing this form or to setup a direct debit facility please call our office on 1800 040 168 during business hours.

Please note, if your residence does not currently have power, it may take up to 3 business days to re-connect your power.