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LPE announce a strategic financing partnership with global asset management behemoth, BlackRock.


People who own units in smaller buildings have, until now, been excluded from the benefits that come with renewable energy. The upfront costs associated with implementing a solar system, even if these are amortised into end consumer charges, are simply too high for most Body Corporates to even consider. LPE has long been aware of this disadvantage and is now offering a solution.


When comparing electricity offers, the choice of how bills are paid consistently ranks at the top of people’s priorities. Find out the best and worst payment methods you can utilise to pay your electricity bill.


New guidelines for electricity retailers will come into play at the end of August which will change how electricity offers are presented to consumers. Read our guide on understanding the new world of electricity offers to be sure you are getting the best deal.


Read LPE's COO and co-founder, Ben Chester's comments on the ACCC's push for electricity overhaul, "I am becoming an active proponent of the proposed investigation".


Our Co-founder and COO, Ben Chester, speaking at #AsianUtilityWeek2018 on the transition from low tech to high tech in consumer retail markets.


All of LPE's operational and call-centre staff are based in Queensland and we strive to set the standard for employers in this region. Take a look at our new 'Careers' page for more information.   


Did you know that 'discounts' can actually be off a high rate, or only apply to part of your bill? Check out 'Energy Made Easy' for tips on what to look for in an electricity supplier. 


With Asian Utility Week fast approaching, Roderic McLauchlan, Show Director of Digital Utility EXPO & Innovations in Digital Services, caught up with Ben Chester, LPE's COO, to discuss the company's offering in this space.