What Our Customers Say


“I have nothing but praises for the Team Members who have served me to date. Each one of the Team I spoke with has been most courteous, knowledgeable, helpful and patient.”

Mr B Tsui, Customer


“It has been a pleasure being a customer of LPE. They are much easier to communicate with than any of the other major retailers, that I have dealt with in the past.”

Mr N Bennett, Customer


“I strongly believe that LPE customer service is patient, courteous and very helpful in answering your questions by coming up with solutions in order to solve the problems that I called up for today.”

P Babu, Customer


“Customer Services is excellent, always outstanding and happy to help.  Would definitely recommend to anyone.”

S Martin, Unit Owner, Viewpoint Apartments


“Locality Energy's entire team have been nothing but a delight and pleasure to work with and I couldn't recommend them more.”

Lucas Wilson, Customer


“We really appreciate the excellent job the LPE team have done changing over our site. The LPE team also worked well to plan & minimize the effect of the power being cut off to the entire building.”

Blanche Cheung, Resident Unit Manager, Riva Apartments


“A very understanding and trustworthy company, always willing to help in any situation.  I highly recommend.”

C Meuleman, LPE Customer


“Thank you all at LPE for the great service we have had since residing in our apartment. I hope that all energy providers could one day learn from your companies standards.”

Christian O’Dea, Resident Owner