Power of Choice

Power of Choice is a series of government-led industry wide reforms which change the way the National Electricity Market operates, aimed at providing you with more opportunities to make informed choices about the way you use electricity products and services. LPE is responsible for your meter, whereas in the past this was the responsibility of your distributor (the company that own the poles and wires in your area). With greater choice comes greater flexibility, competition for products and services and benefits for customers.

The Power of Choice reforms also give those customers within an Embedded Network the choice to opt out and go direct to their own energy retailer. However, customers need to be aware that by opting out of an Embedded Network they will not receive the substantial savings on the cost of electricity and instead will revert to normal residential market rates. If you have any questions about Power of Choice reforms, contact us or simply contact your Embedded Network Manager (ENM) for more information. Your body corporate will have your ENM details.

If your body corporate has not appointed an ENM yet they can find out more information on LPE being your ENM, for free, through its sister company Locality Embedded Networks Pty Ltd. Click on the logo below for more information.

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