Customers Overview

Simply, we sell electricity to meet all customer needs. Our service extends to all electricity customer types including small residential, small and large communal areas and embedded networks.
With a special focus on providing electricity retail and utility services to embedded networks, LPE can either create an embedded network or become responsible for an existing embedded network by re-instating standard electricity supplier services.

Our services extend past electricity retailing as we provide for all types of utility services removing the burden and financial responsibility of a strata community or its body corporate being a utility services provider. LPE provides:

  • Electricity supply
  • Fully serviced centralised hot water plants
  • Bill issuance and collections for Body Corporate owned hot water plants
  • Fiscal responsibility and bill issuance for un-metered gas cook-top supply
  • Fiscal responsibility and bill issuance centralised air-conditioning
  • FREE Embedded Network Manager (ENM) services

LPE Customers


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