Powering Communities

Locality Planning Energy (LPE) is the electricity supplier supporting strata communities.

We exist for one purpose only; to provide the most cost-effective electricity for people living in and managing strata communities.

As a local, all-Australian company, with our call centre based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland you can be assured of hassle-free, tailored service. We provide electricity services to all types and sizes of strata communities, specialising in simplifying the supply of electricity and services to embedded networks.

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Our service extends to all electricity customer types including small residential, small and large communal areas and embedded networks. With a special focus on providing electricity retail and utility services to embedded networks, LPE can either create an embedded network or become responsible for an existing embedded network by re-instating traditional retail services. We even provide Embedded Network Manager (ENM) services free of charge.

In addition, LPE can provide a body corporate with billing services for air conditioning, hot water plants and gas supply services. We are experts in strata community electricity supply and can support you with complimentary consultations, so you fully understand your options.

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LPE Embedded Network

LPE embedded networks enable communities to reduce the cost of their electricity bills through the aggregation of the community’s electricity meters to one central supply point called a parent meter.

The traditional method of supply has every customer paying their own network charges based on being a small customer. With an embedded network and the installation of a parent meter, your community will be viewed as a business customer and will then be charged a business network rate for one network supply point, the parent meter.

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