Embedded Networks

LPE embedded networks enable communities to reduce the cost of their electricity bills through the aggregation of the community’s electricity meters to one central supply point called a parent meter.

LPE Embedded network

The traditional method of supply has every customer paying their own network charges based on being a small customer. With an embedded network and the installation of a parent meter, your community will be viewed as a business customer and will then be charged a business network rate for one network supply point, the parent meter.

The new network supply charge for the one parent meter is then divided across all customers on a user pays basis. A very simple way for your community to reduce their electricity charges.

With a straightforward assessment to determine the full extent of savings available and LPE handling all administration, the implementation process is quick and simple. If you would like to take advantage of this increasingly popular network solution, just get in touch with LPE to find out how your strata community could benefit.


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