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We offer a real alternative to the big energy suppliers. We’re all-Australian and dedicated to saving people living in strata community’s money on their energy bills. We may be small in size, but we are big on experience, we flex and shift our approach to fit to our customers.

Being smaller than the big suppliers and truly local to Australia means we can take the hassle out of choosing the electricity supply for strata communities from assessment to payment. We are not like other energy suppliers which is why we appreciate that no two communities are alike. We understand the unique needs of your community.

An embedded network with LPE makes powering your community simple and cost effective. We exist to make your life easier. We do this by changing how the energy reaches the homes in your community. Instead of coming straight to the home, it goes through an embedded network. The benefits of an LPE embedded network are that residents and the body corporate share the network charges instead of taking on those charges individually. It can save strata communities significant money on their energy bills.


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