We sell energy exclusively to strata communities partnering with them to provide the right services to reduce network charges while extending consumer protection to all our account holders, taking the risk for Body Corporate.

Because we are an electricity retailer, LPE take financial responsibility for the entire operation of your embedded network, through the purchase of electricity, to the direct sale to the account holder.

With LPE as your energy retailer we remove absolutely all obligation and responsibility away from the body corporate.  All the time delivering an improved level of service together with the same great savings on electricity costs that your community is currently enjoying.  We appreciate that no two communities are alike.  We understand your unique needs and take the time to find the best solution for your community.


An embedded network with LPE makes powering your community simple and cost effective.   We do this by changing how energy reaches the homes in your community- instead of coming straight to the home, it goes through an embedded network.

An embedded network, also commonly called a private network, is used by aggregating all electricity meters through to one electricity metering point (a parent meter) that is directly connected to the network. Instead of, for example, 50 individual residential network connection points, you now have one business network connection.  The benefit of an embedded network is that residents, and the body corporate, share the network charges instead of taking on those charges individually.

With no risk, no up-front cost, and the highest level of consumer protection rights, implementing an embedded network is the perfect solution to rising energy costs.  With a straightforward assessment to determine the full extent of savings available and LPE handling all administration, the implementation process is quick and simple.  If you would like to take advantage of this increasingly popular network solution, just get in touch with LPE to find out how your strata community could benefit.


On the 1st of December 2017,  the Queensland Government will implement the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) Power of Choice (POC) reforms and rules.  The Power of Choice legislation has resulted in a new role in the National Electricity Market - Embedded Network Manager. (ENM) 

The POC enables tenants or lots in an embedded network to establish a child National Meter Identification (NMI) behind the parent (market facing) NMI to give them the opportunity to engage a retailer of choice.  As a Body Corporate Manager, you will need to appoint an Embedded Network Manager who is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of static data for a site where an occupant has elected to leave the embedded network.  This child NMI is separate from the embedded network and is billed individually by the new contracted retailer of choice.



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