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Corporate Governance


Corporate Governance

The Company’s Board of Directors is responsible for the overall corporate governance of LPE.

The Board monitors the operational and financial position and performance of LPE and oversees its business strategy, including approving the strategic goals of the Company and considering and approving an annual business plan, including a budget.

The Board is committed to maximising performance, generating appropriate levels of shareholder value and financial return, and sustaining the growth and success of LPE.

Continuous Disclosure

The Company is committed to ensuring all stakeholders have equal and timely access to information made available by the company. The company is required to comply with the continuous disclosure requirements of the ASX Listing Rules and the Corporations Act.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Company’s Code of Conduct outlines how LPE expects its representatives to behave and conduct business in the workplace and includes legal compliance and guidelines on appropriate ethical standards. In addition, the Code of Conduct requires awareness of, and compliance with, laws and regulations relevant to the Company’s other policies and procedures.


Key corporate governance documents